Front Door Project NZ

The COVID-19 lockdown is one of the most beautiful moments of solidarity in all of history - where we stay at home to protect our most vulnerable. Join us in your neighbourhood for some pictures at your doorstep (taken from a safe social distance!). With the help of people across New Zealand we were able to collate over 700 pictures of the historic moment together!

Return to Local Project  

With a new economic climate unfolding post COVID-19, businesses will need to consider how they recalibrate to meet the market. This pandemic has shown us how much community matters. We hosted a community project called Return to Local to help share stories of our businesses recovering as they returned to the new normal, sharing over 150 business stories. To see them you can visit the project page - here.

Nature Revives

We all needed hope during lockdown. And there was a lot to be found. With the help of people from around the world we documented thousands of animals emerging onto vacant streets and species suspected to be lost forever found once again. There is a lot to learn from what we collectively experienced and as this project evolves we are focusing on how we can build on these for conservation efforts. You can see what we've seen and learned here.