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Antartica records its warmest temperature ever

The earth is experiencing extreme weather with Antartica recording its hottest temperature ever measured.

The temperature, recorded at Argentina's Esperanza Research Station was recorded at 18.3 Celsius surpassing previous records by nearly 1 degree Celsius (previous measurement 17.5 in 2015 at the same location.

The World Meteorogical Organisation (WMO) has said that Antartica's ice sheet contains enough water to raise global sea levels by nearly 200 feet. With continued temperature rise occurring due to heat trapping gas pollution from humans, the UN has reported that sea levels are rising faster than projected. Two significant glaciers have been identified as being at risk of instability including the Thwaites Glacier in West Antartica and the Pine Island Glacier.

We must act, to mitigate our impact on our environment which is becoming more and more vulnerable due to how we live and consume.