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Purpose Exchange - an exciting new social and environmental impact tool

This is John Holt.

John is a serial entrepreneur, passionate about driving growth through applying experience, innovation, time and energy to ventures with global purpose and potential.

He is behind some awesome brands you may have heard of including Kiwi Landing Pad and homes.co.nz.

His newest venture Purpose Exchange is working to help companies and causes build a “trusted, data rich, online platform to exchange information around investments in addressing global, social and environmental challenges and the impact being achieved.”

John believes the time is right. “There is irreversible momentum. 64% of Americans say that a company’s primary purpose should be making the world better and 41% of Fortune 500 CEOs say solving social problems should be part of their core business strategy. BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager, has written two annual letters signalling that they will only invest in purposeful businesses. Shareholders are also becoming more purposeful and consumers are leading with their buying decisions. The younger generation in particular want to see more transparency from companies and more integrated reporting to show human and social capital in the outcomes they calculate.” John said.

“We are excited to be part of the solution through developing purpose hubs in San Francisco, USA and Wellington, New Zealand. Purpose Exchange will help companies and causes better share their stories while also connecting them with customers that share their vision.” John said. Users will be able to login to their account, select the areas they are most interested in and connect with companies and causes that align. This will help ensure that the content is in line with the interest of each user, while also propelling companies further through connecting them with aligning customers.

“One of my inspirations for this project has been my children. Social media can be so detrimental to our young people. In New Zealand, sucide is a huge social problem because kids don’t feel like they measure up and a lot of that is because of the way social platforms work. I’m looking forward to building a network where the stories make our children feel good and aligned with purpose, rather than feeling inadequate.” John said.

Another big motivater of the project has been John’s work with causes including environmentally focused brands like Free for All. “There are so many grants available for causes but often founders are so busy implementing they don’t have the time or energy to work on these applications. They also can find the process confusing. Purpose Exchange is working with funders to build templates, which will help make the process easier through straightforward questions, while also ensuring the funders cover off the due dilligence they need to approve applications.” John said.

John has already secured interest from a significant number of companies and causes globally to be part of Purpose Exchange. If you’re keen to be an early adopter, get in touch by contacting john@tainz.com or visit www.purposeexchange.com.