• Incremental Change Agency

Introducing the Incremental Podcast

We've just launched our new podcast!

This is our first episode - a bit off the cuff - to give you a little picture of the big work we are hoping to achieve through Incremental Change Agency. Watch it here.

Our main goal is getting stories out into the world of people doing cool things that have a positive impact on the planet. We hope through information sharing, concepts that are good can become great and be transformational for communities around the world.

If you are doing something cool in this space, we'd love to hear from you. We've just launched our blog as well, which will be focusing on local heroes and leaders making things happen to better their community, business, development or city.

We'd love to hear from you. Submit your project on our website to be part of it - https://www.incrementalchangeagency.com/change-network 🌱