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How LIVEKINDLY Media inspired a food revolution

Updated: Mar 18

This is Jodi Monelle.

Back in 2017, Jodi started LIVEKINDLY Media to share her passion for living kindly by adopting a vegan lifestyle. “I knew that the biggest way we could change the world was by focusing on sustainable and compassionate living. For me, the key to this was helping others adopt a plant-based diet and removing suffering from animals. I felt that we needed to create a platform that would encourage social responsibility and empower others to act based on honest information.” Jodi said.

LIVEKINDLY Media has grown to over a million followers across its social media platforms. Their content is driving further conversation around a global shift to a plant-based diet, compassionate living, featuring industry-relevant news and brands. The influence they have built in the community has triggered the company to be acquired by The LIVEKINDLY Co (formerly Foods United). Their vision is to “change the future of food through the creation of delicious plant-based products, without the need for animals or the depletion of natural resources” (The LIVEKINDLY Co).

In 2019, a special report on climate change and land by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change described plant-based diets as a major opportunity for mitigating and adapting to climate change. This also included policy recommendations on reducing meat consumption (IPCC, 2019). “We know that meat is impacting our environment in a profound way. I’m really proud to be working on the front lines of this issue through helping people change their behavior.” Jodi said.

The journey LIVEKINDLY Media has developed through has been incremental. “To do something like this, it has to start with passion. You have to be fully invested and live it so you can share it. I remember when I first started and a lot of people weren’t very supportive of veganism. It’s been incredible seeing LIVEKINDLY Media create a safe space where people realise they aren’t on this journey alone and feeling that sense of camaraderie that comes with helping save the planet together.” Jodi said.

With more and more people hoping to see real change for the environment, The LIVEKINDLY Co is offering some great solutions. They have raised 200 million dollars to purchase vegan meat producers including Like Meat and The Fry Family Food Co. They have also partnered with leading food producers to help them expand their mission including Puris, RCL Foods and PHW. Their commitment is to see more alternatives for people around the world to embrace a plant-based diet while leveraging LIVEKINDLY Media to share vital stories on how to achieve it. “I could never have imagined what the work I started just three years ago would become. I hope others hear our story and are inspired to work on these issues as well. There is so much more to be done to help our world and none of us can do it on our own.” Jodi said.

If you want to start a revolution of your own, these are the incremental steps LIVEKINDLY Media went on to evolve into what they are today:

1.) Start where you are – “When you are hoping to start a movement like this you need to start with what moves you.” Jodi said.

2.) Let your passion drive you – “What keeps you awake at night will also help you wake up in the morning ready to do what’s needed to progress your mission. My drive for a better world made me work really hard to see it happen. You can’t do this type of work without that passion.” Jodi said.

3.) Don’t do it alone – “I could never have built LIVEKINDLY Media without the support of my team. I found like-minded people and we went on the journey together, we sharpened each other and made it happen. We also built a wider community that shared our values.” Jodi said.

4.) Be open to your vision expanding – “We knew we didn’t have all the answers. We partnered with others, shared stories and experiences to progress our combined mission. This openness also allowed us to progress The LIVEKINDLY Co, which will now expand the work we’ve done exponentially by offering more food alternatives and a bigger platform to share.