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Meet the Incremental Founders

Updated: Feb 8

Fabricio Chicca, Senior Lecturer at Victoria University and Abbie McKoy, Commercial Advisor at Porirua City Council

Fabricio Chicca and Abbie McKoy have been friends for five years now. They come from very different backgrounds but share values in sustainability, social action, sustainable development and academia.

Fabricio was an architect and real estate developer for 10 years in Brazil. He then pursued a PHD focusing on sustainability and has devoted the last seven years to teaching the next generation to think differently about development at the Victoria University, School of Architecture in Wellington, New Zealand. He has also published a book called Everyday Lifestyles and Sustainability.

Abbie is a business development and marketing guru with over 15 year of experience with brands across the United States. She has a Masters of Arts in Organisational Management and Masters in Urban and Regional Planning from University of California. She now works for Councils in New Zealand on incremental change projects to help confirm market viability for business, community, and development projects.

Together they are looking at exemplar incremental change projects to raise awareness on how businesses, organisations, developers, and cities can create real change towards a more sustainable future.

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